Cast & Crew

JOHN BREEN - Director - "Jack Rawls" - Trained at Gonzalez Kickboxing Gym in San Jose, California. And at New York Film Academy, New York Film Video Arts, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, T. Schreiber Studio. His middle name is literally Karate. 

RIAN MOORE - Producer - Trained in the toughest state in the union, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He is at the top of the food chain. He has a son who bears a warrior's moniker. 

DAVID ALLEN CRESS - Executive Producer - Trained in the cosmos. Does Zeus need a bio? No. Zeus does not need a bio. 

HEATHER HARLOW - Producer - Trained on the cliffs of O'ahu. She has a double master's in science. That's TWO. And a degree in art and photography from U of O. How many degrees to YOU have? 

ERIN JEAN O'REGAN - Campaign Manager/Associate Producer - Trains at Hollywood Fitness every fucking day. She writes. She performs. She is a pure-bred New Orleans Cajun. She is a force to be reckoned with. 

MICHAEL FETTERS - "Mr. Marinov" - Surfed at Zuma Beach and trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. What's a word that means more than tall? He's that. He has a longboard. He knows how to tango. He races cyclocross. He has the names of his two daughters tattooed on the inside of his sinewy biceps. 

PAOLA LAMORTICELLA - Costume Design - Trained under the light of the moon. You WISH this picture was Photoshopped. 

SIMON MAX HILL - Casting - Trained on the mean streets of Berkeley. And Reed College. That means he's probably too smart for you to uphold your end of the conversation. So...just walk away. 

MORGAN HOBART - Sound Mixer - Trained at a college of art in the Commonwealth. Trouble is, he taught them art. Ssshh, if you're real quite you can listen to Morgan hearing the whispers of ninja angels. 

SHELLEY MCLENDON - "Amira Kezerian" - Trained on the docks of Long Beach, California. She is a comedy goddess. She likes her whiskey straight. And her men crooked. 

KAIJA MAGEE - "Ronja" - Trained at Do Jump. If the sun exploded tomorrow, and there was no more sun, we would all survive. Because the President of the United States would call her. "Kaija? This is the president. We need you. We need your light." "Okay," she replies, "I will do it!" 

ANATOLI BRANT - "Gangster" - Toli, as he is known in stand up comedy circles, is from the Ukraine. How tough is he? He's from the fucking Ukraine. 

SCOTT ENGDAHL - "Butch" - Trained by hammer, fist and nail. He mass murders audiences with his god-like comedic...timing. He' s not from the outback, but he should be.