Crook County War: Short Synopsis

On the first day of Brian's new job, he Googles “how to stop the bleeding from a gunshot wound.” He's doing his best with the on-the-job training, but working for Mr. Marinov, a philosopher turned gunrunner, is trickier than he thought it would be. Brian regrets his career choice when his boss’s bold attempt to overtake a drug cartel goes epically awry. With his new coworkers dead and the boss's gorgeous girlfriend helping him tie tourniquets, Brian finds himself entering the "mouth of the dragon" with no way to turn back. 

MICHAEL FETTERS cast as "Mr. Marinov!"

MICHAEL FETTERS is the best actor in North America. And he's now in Crook County War! 

Michael surfed at Zuma Beach and trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. What's a word that means more than tall? He's that. He has a longboard. He knows how to tango. He races cyclocross. He has the names of his two daughters tattooed on the inside of his sinewy biceps. 

Shooting July 2013!